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What Is Atacand

Related article: website that allows users to access a database of 650,000 physicians. [4] More revolutionary sites allow users to "visit" a doctor or a Atacand Dosing pharmacy right from their computer. [5] This practice is known as "cybermedicine." Cybermedicine is Atacand 32 Mg defined as "the Internet driven practice of medicine where patients communicate with Atacand Hctz physicians through electronic mail." [6] These physicians, called "cyberdoctors," diagnose the patient's symptoms and offer treatment advice. [7] Some cyberdoctors go so far as to prescribe medication over the Internet. [8] {4} Cybermedicine hit the Internet in full force on Friday, October 4, 1996, Atacand Hct when Cyberdocs, Inc. was launched into cyberspace. [9] The site was Atacand 4 Mg created by two physicians in Massachusetts, Kerry Archer, M.D. and Steven Kohler, M.D. [10] Before the creation of this site, users were limited to Internet medical consultations with nurses or browsing the Internet for health-related articles. [11] With the creation of, however, web Cost Of Atacand users can become virtual patients and obtain medical evaluations from licensed doctors.[12] {5} In a typical visit to, a first-time user must provide his medical history by filling out a patient chart, similar to that used in traditional doctors' offices. [13] Next, the patient enters his credit card number; a routine visit with a cyberdoctor will cost about fifty dollars.[14] A patient then Buy Atacand may Candesartan Atacand choose to send an e-mail to the site describing his symptoms and requesting a diagnosis or the patient may wait for a cyberdoctor Atacand Prices to log onto the site to interact one-on-one with the patient. [15] Atacand Price Following the e-mail correspondence or online discussion, discharge instructions Atacand Coupon are issued which can either be saved Cheap Atacand or printed out. [16] Should the patient need a What Is Atacand prescription, the Atacand Htc cyberdoctor Atacand 32mg will call the local pharmacy and have the prescription prepared for the patient to pick up at his convenience. [17] B. The Pitfalls of Medical Webcites {6} opened Pandora's Box for imitation sites purporting to offer similar services. The problem with many of these sites lies in the difficulty for lay consumers to differentiate between sites operated by legitimate health Atacand Cost care professionals and sites maintained by individuals with no verifiable credentials. [18] Some sites are prefaced by complex disclaimers which attempt to exclude their creators Atacand Dosage from tort liability. Buy Atacand Online [19] Others are maintained by individuals describing themselves as doctors or self-proclaimed healers, who Atacand Dose in actuality have no formal medical training. [20] Moreover, Atacand Tablets several sites operated by M.D.'s are little more than advertising schemes that link users to for-profit sites which advertise prescription drugs or sell herbal remedies. [21] These sites not only create the potential for turning users away from cybermedicine, they also threaten to bring harsh legal scrutiny to legitimate sites.